Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crazy, crazy life!

So I have to tell any who happen to read about how crazy the last few weeks have been.  I'm beginning to think that I have pissed in someone's cosmic cheerios!

First the plumbing problems: 
1. The upstairs tub faucet is leaking fiercely, not a drip but a constant stream.  No, not an easy fix like replacing a washer but something that will include cutting a hole in the wall behind the fixture, cutting off the old faucet, adding new pipe and soldering in a new faucet.  Oh and the drain was also backing up in the tub.  At least that one seems to have been an easy fix.  Our awesome neighbor snaked it and the problem seems to be solved.

2. The sink faucet in the same room has started dripping.  Hoping that all that needs is a new washer and not a new fixture.

3. BOTH toilets run at random times and will not shut off properly.  The guts have been replaced in them both already and this hasn't stopped the problem.  They need to be replaced.

4.  Both sides of the kitchen sink will not drain.  They will happily drain into each other, but the water level will not go down.  We have tried Drano, a plunger, taking the U joint off and emptying it, snaking it from both the top and the bottom and snaking the trap in the basement.  For about a day it drained somewhat but now it's back to not draining at all.  We have had to empty it by hand in order to do dishes. Oh yeah and because of the treatment they have received, the pipes underneath the sink have started leaking so we have to have a bucket underneath there now.

5. The electricity had to be out for a few hours the other night so the city could replace a power pole that had been hit by a car.  After the power came back on, the water heater thermostat no longer worked.  It's LOVELY to take cold showers! 

Then the family issues:
6. Brendan got suspended from school for 5 days.  What happened is that before school one day he lent his calculator to another boy who tossed it to a third boy who ran away with it.  Brendan ran after him, put him in a headlock and attempted to get his calculator back.  The boy who threw the calculator then pinched Brendan in the neck and the other boy got away and punched Brendan in the eye giving him a black eye and a cut under the eye.  So what does the boy get who started it all?  He gets talked to - nothing else.  The other two get suspended for 5 days.  Yeah, that's a great way to help kids get an education.  Suspend them that long.  I think all that does is let them know that if they are bad they get to stay home and not have to go to boring school.  We have a meeting with the school tomorrow to discuss things.  I'm seriously thinking of home schooling the boys until next year depending on what is accomplished at this meeting.  I'm not hopeful of a good outcome there.

7. Ashlyn had to quit her job because she was denied pregnancy leave.  Not once, but 4 times!  She has brought in paperwork from her doctor multiple times, filled out paperwork multiple times and still they keep sending her letters saying she hasn't proved she needs to go on maternity leave,  WTH???  I cannot believe the incompetency of Convergys' HR person!!! 

8. She is also having really bad rib pain due to the baby forcing her floating ribs outward and causing muscle spasms in her obliques.  She can only sit for about half an hour at a time before she has to stand up or lay down.  We had her in at the ER the other night before we knew what was going on thinking the muscle spasms could be premature labor.  Luckily she was just fine - well except for the ongoing pain. 

And finally the car issues.  Of course all this happens now because it needs to be re-registered in October.
9.   My brakes are acting funny.  I think they need to be bled and have at least the pads replaced - maybe the rotors turned too. 

10. The turn signal will not shut itself off any more.  The steering column will need to be opened to fix this. 

11. And last but best Robert was driving home from an appointment last night when he heard a *pop* and the passenger side front window shattered!  Not sure if it was hit with something or just randomly decided to die.  Strangest thing.....

12. Oh and my work is being dumb and I'm not happy here for the first time since getting this job....bleah.....

Okay, now you have heard the litany of strange and stupid things that have been going on in my life lately and I feel a little better for having whined for a while.  Now I just need to win the lottery so I have the money to fix all of this.  I know it will get better, it just seems like everything is happening at once without a chance to recover from anything before the next happens.  Hoping things quiet down soon so I can get going on sewing and scrolling which is what I am really wanting to do.  At least I have my craft room back!

Thanks for listening to my love to any of you who care for me enough that you've read all of this :)


  1. Ack!! Let me know if there is something I can do to help. Love you!

  2. That mega sucks! I hope everything works out for you! Anytime you need an escape, come on over.